Marta Fernandez Couture Designer at MFCouture. Marta Fernandez is a Spanish designer

and creative pattern cutter who began working with professional tailors at the age of sixteen. Through colors and texture, she discovered fashion whilst studying at the School of Art and Design, Murcia.

Industrial pattern cutting ( specializing in ladies ) at Guerrero

University Degree in Style from IDEP in Barcelona.

Showing her Fall-Winter 2004/2005 collection at Barcelona Style Week, and it was subsequently featured in Spanish Vogue.

Winner of Tot Nuvis, Reus ( Wedding Dress Exhibition ) National Design Competition 2003.

She has also designed, made and styled all the women's outfits for several music videos and television programmers.

Currently working on
Marta Fernandez has been a designer in the fashion industry for over seven years in both the UK and Spanish markets, as well as having run her own label and tailoring shop. Currently live between Monterrey, north Mexico and London for work.

MF Couture came about seven years ago with a great passion for producing garments that are contemporary, and more importantly wearable.

" My work is influenced by very contrasting themes, I tend to merge these subjects in order to create original and innovative collections, seeking new volumes and emphasizing the female figure, aristocratic appearance, refinement, elegance and an aesthetic concept".


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