Judy Zhang, Style Designer Education Studied a Masters in fashion at Kingston University



Custom-designed jacket - with an integrated, fully working PC - displayed at The Gadget Show exhibition last year, in collaboration with a technical design consultancy.

Developed ‘The Versus Concept’, a digital pattern-cutting programme which seeks to eliminate almost all fabric waste, and used the Concept to create and unveil latest collection at London Style Week.

Range of dresses, skirts and jumpsuits debuted on the Vauxhall Style Scout 2010 catwalk.

Currently working on

Further developing ‘The Versus Concept’ software and the idea that fashion designing could eventually be entirely digital, energy efficient and sustainable.

The young designer explained: “The Versus Concept programme allows me to digitally draw pattern pieces, and rotate and position them on screen before they’re cut out to make the most effective use of every inch of material.”


Offer a design-while-you-wait service to customers in major department stores - creating bespoke pieces for customers using ‘The Versus Concept’ software.