Doyeon Noro Kim, MA Style Artefact, London College of Style

BA (Hon) Style Illustration, London College of Style


Dec 2006/ Same Tree Different Apples/ St. Mary Magdalene Church, London Dec 2007/ 2012 London Olympics/ The Vinyl Factory, London Feb 2009/ Styleing the Future/ Victoria & Albert Museum, London Aug 2009/ ATA Party/ Sono Factory, Seoul June 2010/ LCF at Carnarby/ Carnarby Street, London July 2010/ NETWORKS/ RHS, LCF, London Sep 2010/ Model Sanctuary/ London

Oct 2010 / Forum for Drawing: What is Style Illustration?/ London College of Style Oct 2010/ BBC Blast: Style Illustration Workshop/ Victoria & Albert Museum

2010 / Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honors

Currently working on
I'm currently working on a project: ARCHIVE and it's mainly about looking at Body as an 'ARCHIVE' in relation to visualization of self-disguise. In April, one chosen work is to be exhibited at the KG52 Gallery in Stockholm.

To re-define Style Illustration