Last week, on the opening day of London Style Week, the network of nonprofit organizations Friends of the Earth urged fashion companies to do more to tackle plastic pollution, as the fashion indust

With retro looks all over the Gucci-led international runways; a 90s swiftly followed by 80s revival; anniversaries such as Escada’s 40th and deaths such as Kate Spade’s and Sonia Rykiel&

Despite admittedly burning unsold goods to preserve its image of exclusivity, British fashion house Burberry has been included for the fourth consecutive year in Dow Jones’ Sustainability Index

Charney Magri is an award-winning ethical photographer, director and producer who has recently co-directed a short film titled ‘Catwalk to Creation’, which will be released later this ye

A growing number of consumers prefer buying from sustainable brands, and they are watching what companies do carefully. In a recent study conducted by consultancy firm Deloitte with over 10,000 Mille

German apparel brand Esprit wants to make its e-commerce greener. The company announced some ambitious targets on its website yesterday: by the end of the year, it aims to make 90 percent of its Euro

Following a global search for talent, the world’s largest sustainable fashion design competition culminated in a live Grand Final runway show last night in Hong Kong. Organised by Redress, a pi

Although the fast fashion model is considered to be the opposite of sustainable fashion, it turns out fast fashion giants Zara and H&M are the brands driving the conversation about sustainability

The Governor of California has signed an executive order to make the state carbon neutral by December 2045. It marks one of the world’s most ambitious climate policies, that will impact consume

Excessive water and chemical usage, overproduction and the inability to deal with overstock - the garment and textile industry, ever so anxious to be fashion forward, is far behind when it comes to p

The H&M Foundation and The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA) have announced the opening of two textile recycling facilities which will put HKRITA’s hydrothermal

In view of resources dwindling fast and natural fibres like cotton being resource-intensive to process and petroleum-based fibres like acrylic, polyester, nylon and spandex not being the most environ

The fashion industry has changed a lot in the last decade. The omnipresence of smartphones and social media has deeply affected the way people shop for fashion. At the same time, technologies such as

Arket is the new sustainable fashion label of the H&M family. Founded as recently as 2017, it has expanded by now with stores worldwide. In January 2018, the first German store was opened in Mun

Unsold inventory is a big issue for luxury fashion labels. While affordable and mid-range brands can make use of discounts and sales to try to get rid of excess stock, luxury brands avoid using this

In a small shop along one of Sydney's busiest streets, Sarah Freeman is encouraging Australians to slow down and break their addiction to fast fashion. Shocked by the speed at which Australians buy a

Style for Good, the global sustainability initiative based in Amsterdam, has finally shared details of its new technology-forward museum for sustainable and circular fashion innovations, which was

Last week, while on holiday in Ibiza, the gin tonic I ordered at the quiet end of a beach club on Playa d’en Bossa was served with a bamboo straw. A sustainable, recyclable straw I was told, t

German sporting goods firm Adidas AG recently announced its decision to use only recycled plastics by 2024 for shoes and clothing. This initiative could be the first step for the entire fashion indus

Style for Good, the global initiative to make the fashion industry more innovative and sustainable, is launching the world’s first toolkit on the product development of Cradle to Cradle (C2C)

Sustainability is the 'it'-word of the industry, but how do you apply it as a starting designer in a way that fits your company? Gwen Cunningham, lead of the Circle Textiles Program at Circle Economy

Emerging designers are faced with countless hurdles as they climb to the top: connecting with clients, gaining publicity, and of course, increased pressure for sustainable practices. Yankeemagazines a

Because throwing away would be a waste, German outdoor outfitter Vaude recently launched its Upcycling Community: a marketplace that facilitates the exchange between creatives and "resource producer

Last month, Burberry came under fire after its annual report revealed the company burned 28.6 million pounds (36.7 million US dollars) worth of unsold goods in 2017 -- a desperate measure to avoid ma

Overproduction, over-consumption - nowhere else does wastefulness rear its ugly head as much as in the fashion industry: thanks to fast fashion, more clothing floods the market at ever cheaper prices

On average, we wear our clothes a total of seven times and then, many simply get thrown away - 2.5 billion pounds of clothing each year to be precise. Scary but easy to change as one of the simplest

In Laos, one person is killed each day from unexploded bombs left behind from the Vietnam War. Though the CIA-led U.S. invasion of the country ended over 40 years ago, residents of the Southeast As

The fashion industry is changing so rapidly that it may feel overwhelming for newcomers in the field to stay up to date. This is why Yankeemagazines has compiled a series of articles with expert advice

Garmon Chemicals, international supplier of textile chemicals and auxiliaries, has announced its’ new set of initiatives towards making the fashion industry more environmentally responsible an

Prada will host a conference on sustainability titled “Shaping a Sustainable Digital Future”, in partnership with the Yale School of Management and the Polytechnic University of Milan&rs

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