Valentino showcases pre fall 2019 designs at Tokyo accompanied by live string music. Sources: Valentino, fashion channel, youtube

A pioneer of genderless fashion, designer Yohji Yamamoto is best known for challenging the status quo. Watch how Yamamoto incorporates traditional Japanese design in both personal collections and collaborations with brands like Adidas and Dr. Martens. Source: M2M - Made To Measure, YouTube.

Source: Naomi, YouTube.

High fashion for 1/10 the price. Source: Payless, YouTube.

Payless set up a fake store to showcase the quality of our shoes. Why pay $200+ when you can pay $19.99? Source: Payless, YouTube.

Source: Man Cave, YouTube.

Source: Business of Style, YouTube.

The Business of Style x McKinsey Source: Business of Style, YouTube.

Source: Versace, YouTube.

Source: JD Sports, YouTube.

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