Suitsupply aims to open more Suistudio stores around the world

Suitsupply, the Dutch tailoring brand best known for its controversial advertising campaigns, has announced plans to expand its womenswear sister brand, Suistudio, which was launched last year. A new Suistudio flagship store, spanning over 4000 square feet (372 square meters) was opened in New York yesterday and the company took the occasion to reveal that a new store is set to open in Paris by the end of the year. In addition, Suitsupply is exploring several opportunities for its women’s line across North America.

“We are seeing significant global potential for Suistudio. Men come to Suitsupply for our excellent craftsmanship and energized style. It’s become clear a white space has existed in women’s suiting and Suitsupply, through its Suistudio brand, is uniquely positioned to bring high-end tailoring to women that want to find their own perfect fit”, said Fokke De Jong, Founder and CEO of Suitsupply, in a statement.

In addition to New York, Suistudio already operates stores in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Milan and Shanghai. You can see where they are located in the map below. As for Suitsupply, it surpassed the mark of 100 stores earlier this year, with a new shop in Boston.

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Photo: courtesy of Suistudio


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