In Pictures: Ace & Tate first store in London

Dutch eyewear label Ace & Tate has opened its first bricks and mortar store in the UK. Located in Seven Dials, London, the new 'peep' store will be open for five months and features an in-store optician.

Ace & Tate's 'peep' store will showcase a limited selection of eyewear frames for men and women during its five-month run. The two-story store, situated at 10 Earlham Street, was designed by Ace & Tate's in-house retail team. The store's interior plays with reflection, featuring a system of turning mirrors as well as a neon artwork installation - a connecting detail between all of Ace & Tate's physical stores.

In Pictures: Ace & Tate first store in London

Ace & Tate opens first UK store in Seven Dials, London

The new, pop-up store launch in London comes four years after Ace & Tate first launched online in the UK, as the accessible eyewear continues to expand across Europe. At the moment Ace & Tate counts 20 stores across Europe, with retail units in the Netherlands, Germany, and Austria. Best known for its online services, such as its Home Try-On Kits, which offer customers the chance to order up to 4 frames to try out for 5 days, free of charge, Ace & Tate's physical stores act as an extension of its online store.

In Pictures: Ace & Tate first store in London

Customers are able to have their vision check free of charge via appointment, five days a week at Ace & Tate's new store in Seven Dials, or pick up orders placed online in addition to trying on Ace & Tate's frames in person and placing an order. Eyewear model prices vary from 98 pounds for acetate frames to 148 pounds for titanium frames.

In Pictures: Ace & Tate first store in London

In honor of the new store opening and to celebrate the creative spirit in London, Ace & Tate has agreed to share retail space with a selected number of artists. Photographer Hayley Louisa Brown is the first collaborator and is currently displaying a selection of photos from her latest project, Children of Graceland in store, which was supported by the Ace & Tate Creative Fund.

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