Fast Retailing has entered into a strategic global partnership with Daifuku, a material handling systems company, to “reform and improve logistics” and to build the world’s most advanced automated facilities with the aim of full automation in the brand’s Japanese and overseas warehouses.

“The two companies will work toward further business expansion for both firms over the longer term, and the provision of a sustained and stable logistics function,” said the retail group in a release. “We will carefully evaluate the current status of distribution, and develop innovative and revolutionary logistics systems in order to deliver products to customers faster.”

The Fast Retailing Group, which includes Uniqlo, has set itself a target of 3 trillion Yen in net sales, and the expansion of its partnership with Daifuku, which first developed through the establishment of automation at its Ariake warehouse in Tokyo, aims to improve its current logistics system across its global operation.

The deal will see the formation of a special team comprising of staff from both firms, who will plan, implement and maintain the fully automated Fast Retailing Group branded warehouses in Japan and overseas, with the aim of “establishing a better logistics environment”.

“To maximise the productivity of automation facilities, Fast Retailing and Daifuku will plan and implement new logistics systems unconstrained by conventional thinking, along with the development of systems necessary to achieve it,” stated the retail group.


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