Barnsley town centre reveals redevelopment plans

Detailed designs of Barnsley town centre's proposed 8 million pounds public realm development, which aims to modernise the Northern town, has been granted approval by the council.

The proposals, which are part of the 130 million pound Glass Works retail scheme, were given the green light by the Barnsley Council and will now move forward to a public consultation to inform the submission of full planning application.

The regeneration of the town centre’s public realm will cost over 8 million pounds and includes a new public square and improvements to the existing public realm on May Day Green and Kendray Street, Cheapside, Queen Street, Peel Square and Midland Street.

The aim is to make the flagship main square at the heart of The Glass Works more attractive and to create a local amphitheatre to host various events and performances. There will also be a cascading water pool, family-friendly outdoor dining venues and some permanent outdoor market stalls, for visitors to enjoy.

If planning consent is approved following consultation, the phased programme of works will begin in April 2018 on Cheapside and May Day Green, and be completed in 2020 along with the opening of the retail and leisure phase of The Glass Works.

Councillor Roy Miller, said: “We are delighted the new public realm plans are going to consultation. A quality public environment can have a significant impact on the economic life of our town and has always been an essential part of our regeneration strategy. Businesses are attracted to locations that offer well-designed, well-managed public places and these, in turn, attract customers and services.

“The new public areas will connect The Glass Works development with the rest of the town centre and create an overall sense of place. The main square will create a new location in the heart of the town for people to socialise and relax.”

The Glass Works sits within a 3.8-hectare site in the very heart of Barnsley Town Centre and will feature 25 shops, a cinema, bowling and 10 restaurants, alongside a new library, refurbished markets, new public realm and up to 500 car parking spaces. Phase 1 is opening spring 2018, with phase 2 expected to be completed in spring 2020.

Image: courtesy of The Glass Works


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