Amazon loses its crown as the UK’s favourite retailer

London - Online giant Amazon has lost its crown as the UK’s favourite retailer to none other than M&S Simply Food, according to the annual Retail Proposition Index published by OC&C Strategy Consultants. After surveying 13,000 shoppers in the UK, the study found that quality perception was the single largest driver of change in the Index this year, which is how M&S Simply Food was able to cement its position as the UK’s favourite retailer.

Over the years M&S has been investing in strengthening shoppers’ positive perception of its service and food range, which is particularly important among those over are over 35, who account for 70 percent of the total retail spend. “M&S Simply Food has managed to build on its impressive track record of service and product range. Its rating as the UK’s favourite retailer is the clearest illustration that today’s British consumer demands quality above all else,” commented Matt Coode, Partner at OC&C Strategy Consultants.

Other single category retailers, such as Clarks, Ted Baker and the Body Shop were found to be the most successful in improving customers perceptions of quality, and as a result, have risen in the ranking this year. However, fashion retailer Jack Wills has been highlighted as the largest riser in this year’s Index, jumping from 101st place in 2016 to 18th place in 2017. The high street retailers success story has been attributed to improvements made in customer perceptions of its service, trustworthiness, and quality.

“The research this year reveals that shoppers are increasingly prepared to pay a premium for excellence, so retailers must think carefully about the level of investment in price and promotion versus quality and service to ensure their continued success,” added Coode.

Amazon, which dropped from 1st place in 2016 to 4th place in 2017, remains a clear favourite among millennials, who place greater emphasis on its breadth of product offering, dynamic retail offering and level of trust than those over the age of 35. Research indicates that millennial shoppers place more weight on low prices, ranges which are tailored to them and quality of mobile offer when making their retailer selections.

“The results from this year’s Index should serve as a call to action for the retail industry. Clearly, while the Amazon model has delivered unparalleled success in recent years, it isn’t bulletproof. As shoppers increasingly seek out quality, it presents real opportunities for those retailers that are able to build strong trusted relationships with their target customers and offer the right product and the right level of specialism.”

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon


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