Rafael Pastor Espuch is to step down from his job as chief product officer at Esprit, according to a statement issued by the company. He will exit his role on May 17. The appointment of a new CPO is still in progress and, in the meantime, Espuch’s tasks will be taken over by the head of women, head of men and head of license/product. Each one of them will take care of their respective product divisions and report to the company’s chief executive officer, José Manuel Martinez Gutiérrez.

“The Board regrets but respects Mr Pastor’s decision, and would like to take this opportunity to express its gratitude to Mr Pastor for his strong commitment and professional performance during his tenure of service”, noted Esprit in the statement.

Espuch joined Esprit in November 2013, leading the Esprit product divisions globally, optimizing product development processes, in-sourcing key production functions, and creating a category management structure. According to Esprit’s statement, Espuch wishes to continue his career outside the company. It remains unclear what his next step is.


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