Kinnevik proposes to elect Charlotte Strömberg as new board member

Kinnevik AB has announced that in addition to the proposed election of Dame Amelia Fawcett as new Chairman of the board, the nomination committee proposes the re-election of board members Wilhelm Klingspor, Erik Mitteregger, Henrik PouIsen, Mario Queiroz and Cristina Stenbeck and election of Charlotte Strömberg as new board member. The company added that in addition to Tom Boardman, board members Cynthia Gordon, Lothar Lanz and John Shakeshaft have declined re-election.

Commenting on the board’s proposal, Cristina Stenbeck, Chairman of the nomination committee, said in a media statement: "The Nomination Committee is pleased to propose the election of Charlotte Strömberg as a new Kinnevik board director. Charlotte will bring many years of experience from public companies in audit, corporate governance and capital markets work, drawing on her distinguished career in the Nordic market which has spanned multiple industries, including consumer retail, financial services and media. Charlotte will join the Kinnevik board's audit committee."

The company said, Charlotte Strömberg currently serves as Chairman of Castellum and as a board director of Clas Ohlson, Sofina, Skanska, and Bonnier Holding. She also serves on the board of Ratos, where she has declined re-election at the 2018 annual general meeting. Strömberg is a member of the Swedish Securities Council, and a co-founder of DHS Venture Partners, a venture capital fund backed by Stockholm School of Economics alumni. She has served as board director of several Swedish listed companies within the financial services, retail and hospitality sectors. During 2006-2011, she served as CEO of the Nordic operations of Jones Lang LaSalle, the company specialized in real estate. Prior to that she was Head of Equity Capital Markets, and later head of investment banking, at Carnegie Investment Bank.

The nomination committee's complete proposals are presented in the notice convening Kinnevik's annual general meeting to be held on 21 May 2018. The Nomination Committee comprises Cristina Stenbeck representing Verdere S.à r.l., Wilhelm Klingspor representing the Klingspor family, Edvard von Horn representing the von Horn family, James Anderson representing Baillie Gifford, and Ramsay Brufer representing Alecta.

Picture credit:Castellum Ab image gallery


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