Sloggi to launch S by Sloggi and move into athleisure wear

Sloggi, the casual intimate label owned by Triumph, is set to make three important launches next year. The first is the global launch of its new sub-label, S by Sloggi for Spring/Summer 2018. The second, is the further roll-out of its bodywear brand Sloggi Zero Feel, and the third is the launch of its first athleisure wear collection, Sloggi Move in autumn 2018.

Sloggi to launch new sub-label in 2018

The announcements come as Triumph seeks to further establish Sloggi as a separate brand, previously launching dedicated online stores for the brand in 10 European markets. Comfort remains Sloggi’s main focus, but the intimate brand aims to continue developing its range of innovative underwear. The Sloggi Zero is a key example of this. “Sloggi Zero Feel was first launched in Japan at the end of 2015. Since then we recorded double-digit growth in Japan based on this product alone,” said a Sloggi spokesperson during a breakfast meeting highlighting Sloggi’s upcoming launches. The brand’s innovative 360 stretch material featured in the collection was also developed in Japan, and Sloggi maintains exclusivity on its manufacturing, added the spokesperson.

Sloggi to launch S by Sloggi and move into athleisure wear

The brand aims to free women by offering them comfortable, well-fitting underwear, rather than underwear which cuts and digs in. Underwear should not be felt when it is on, believes Sloggi, which is why the global launch for its Zero Feel range is set to take place on March 8, International Women’s Day. Buyers and retailers alike are said to have been very enthusiastic about the seamless and timeless product, added the spokesperson. Retail prices for the Zero Feel collection are set to range from 14.99 euros for a hipster, to 39.99 euros for a bralette top.

Women should not have to choose between style and functionality, argues Sloggi

Sloggi is also set to launch its new sub-label S by Sloggi’s first bodywear collection next March. "Women have sacrificed their comfort for too long to look sexy and prefer style over functionality. We should not have to choose: we should be able to feel great and also look great,” argues Anna Stark, Head of Sloggi Marketing in Northern Europe. “S by Sloggi provides just that. We want to dispel the myth that comfort, functionality and a sleek, refined design do not go together. We want to offer women a high-quality range that also embodies the core values of our brand - innovation and real comfort."

Sloggi to launch S by Sloggi and move into athleisure wear

Consisting of four lines: Serenity and Silhouette for women and Simplicity and Sophistication for men, the first collection from S by Sloggi is made out of soft model-elastane blend, hyper micromaterials, as well as Austrian fabrics with a blend of modal-polyamide and cotton-polyamide. The four lines will be available in soft, warm shades such as ‘Grey Combination’, ’Angora’ and ‘Foggy Mauve.’ Retail prices for the first collection from S by Sloggi will range from 20.99 euros to 44.99 euros.

In addition, Sloggi is set to launch Sloggi Move, its first athleisure wear collection sometime in fall 2018. The new collection consists of three lines: Flow (for simple activities, such as walking the dog), Flex (for light physical activities) and Fly (for the gym and strenuous physical exertion). The sportswear line will launch in selected stores and online from August onwards. The new collection and product launches come as Sloggi continues to strengthen its presence in Northern Europe. At the moment Sloggi counts 400 retail points throughout the UK.

Photos: Bodywear sub-label S by Sloggi and Zero Feel Campaign photos.


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