Customising, standing out: with YKK, design is a winner!

While the creative flair and performance of its products no longer need to be proved, YKK is increasingly emphasising zips and buttons designed to give garment manufacturers and designers freedom to customise their collections, against a backdrop in which accessories can make a real difference.

Customising, standing out: with YKK, design is a winner!METALUXE® Mirror Effect, element No. 8: a zip combining the best of both technologies with lightweight and trompe l’œil effects
Advantages The METALUXE® Mirror Effect features a nifty combination of plastic zippers (Vislon® technology) and metal zippers. This offers amazing results, drawing on the advantages of both techniques while ousting the disadvantages.

Lightweight, affording excellent value for money (the elegant look courtesy of the metal) like the plastic zip Vislon®; Glossy, trendy designer look, resembling the polished metal series. The newgeneration METALUXE® Mirror Effect plastic elements combine both technologies with brio. These zips appear to be metallic given the shape of the elements, which have been surface treated using a method that reproduces the effect of galvanisation with an ultrasophisticated result: a trompe l’œil effect and stunning techno spirit.

Applications: Ready-to-wear (Menswear, Womenswear, Casual, Sportswear)

Element width: 5 and 8 Functions available: closed-end, open-end, two-way separator Finishes: shiny metallic (light gold, copper, silver and chrome).

FlexFix® DUP Flat snap fasteners, to truly stand out.
YKK is stepping up on buttons, with R&D coming up with a host of ingenious developments to offer clients outstanding added value.

Two snap fasteners have been developed in this range: FlexFix® DUP2 Flat with low opening force (around 6 N) and FlexFix® DUP4 Flat with high opening force ( around 18 N).

Its advantage is in its potential for customisation. Choosing FlexFix® DUP Flat opens up the experience of a unique snap fastener:

Ultra-flat design: it's discreet and understated even underneath, with the design flattening out in pure minimalist style. These very simple, modern shapes help FlexFix® DUP Flat integrate the finished product seamlessly.

A patented concept: the patented engineering underpinning the opening/closing system harnesses polyacetal, an ultra-resistant material which does not get deformed. The technology is such that it permits 50,000 openings and closings, keeping same level of sturdiness, without any deterioration.

Infinite possibilities are available on YKK snap fasteners for high tech customisation

Visual customisation with engraved or embossed logos, or a design using the customer's colours.
Customisation of the experience, adjusting snap tension according to needs and applications.

Applications: leather goods and luggage.
The various diameters and snap tensions mean you can adapt to all applications, from purses to bags.

Finishes: a broad palette, matching the zips
Available sizes: 10 mm and 12 mm.

Customising, standing out: with YKK, design is a winner!EXCELLA® Slim size 8: a zip with plenty of personality and charm
The ready-to-wear market is constantly seeking to stand out and YKK's Excella® is one of the alternatives helping it achieve originality and customisation.

In the EXCELLA® Slim range, YKK is offering new, symmetric elements in polished metal, even finer to boost refinement, while being more visible than No. 5. It embodies elegance and rounds off the series wonderfully.

As for size 5, YKK research has focussed on resistance and a smooth glide to achieve high performance that lends character to the finished product.

Applications: leather goods, ready-to-wear

For the tape: all the colours in the general range to remain bang on-trend, that's around 600 colours.

Element: silver, light gold and steel finishes
Element widths available: 5 and 8
Functions available: closed-end, open-end, two-way separator

YKK, a group
Founded in 1934, by Mr. Tadao Yoshida, YKK stands for Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha.

YKK develops and produces its products using state-of-the-art technology for optimum satisfaction of its customers’ demand. As the designer of fastening solutions, its various product lines include zippers, hook and loop tapes, press studs and rivets, plastic buckles, elastic tapes and webbing for all fashion applications, technical garments, furnishings, the automotive sector, leather goods etc. Annual production of zippers in YKK plants worldwide now tops 2,5 million kilometers, i.e. about 63 times round the earth. The firm is a market leader for fastening products and accessories. It also operates in the construction industry, and high tech (optic fibers). YKK now employs nearly 40,000 people in 70 countries and its turnover is about €5 billion.


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