Peuterey – a manifesto for fashion

“Style is fiction today. It is defined by fiction, exhibitionism and the urge to express wealth and status through soulless objects. But nothing is as it seems, ever,” states the manifesto of Peuterey, the premium outdoor brand from Milan. It is already clear that this is not a commonplace label. At Premium the brand shows how it brings soul, authenticity and a love of detail back into fashion.

Peuterey is not finished yet, however. The manifesto is a flag to a fashion system that has lost the connection with people: “Style is forging ahead nowadays at much too fast a tempo; it is speeding past and denying progress and coherence. Nothing lasts, but timelessness has a very reassuring quality to it. Peuterey has its sights set on change. Softly and effortlessly, which is far more effective than a great outcry or a revolution. The movement results from the awareness that fashion design ought to be a question of form and function. We are convinced that fashion must first satisfy the quintessential human aspiration of representing itself within a society, although fashion is rather more useful and functional in its remit. We create clothing that is functional, modular and flexible in the same way that a uniform is, for people who think, dream and are creative.”

Peuterey – a manifesto for fashion

There isn't much one can add to this passionate declaration of love for fashion. A perfect combination fusing comfort, expediency and modern design – the cornerstones of Peuterey’s clothing – that celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl swear by. Visit Peuterey at Premium.


16 – 18 January 2018


16 + 17 January 2018 10:00-19:00
18 January 2018 10:00-17:00


Luckenwalder Strasse 4 – 6
10963 Berlin

Images: Peuterey’s Facebook page

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