Coming to us all the way from Los Angeles, C2H4 took us to the future for New York Style Week: Men's. The collection, titled "Zero Gravity," had outer space, neo-futuristic influences from astronauts and space travel and the idea of what chemists would wear in the year 2082.

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One orange jumpsuit was worthy of NASA itself. While designers often find inspiration in the super-utilitarian, it has traditionally including military or blue-collar professions. Designer Yixi Chen decided to push the envelope and think outside of the box and go for a very unique profession. While other designers have used neo-futurism and outer space for inspiration (see Nick Graham fall/winter 2017), this was a very literal interpretation.

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Of course it wasn't all just astronaut style jumpsuits. She took it sporty with hoodies and sweatpants, and was heavy on the monochromatic colors including blue and grey.

In addition to her own offerings, Chen also debuted her capsule collection with Kappa, taking the sportswear brand's side stripes and doing a larger more dramatic version on athleisure pieces.

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She is going to have a specific kind of customer. Think of the kind of guy who reads Hypebeast and stalks during their end of season sales. Of course, she has a clear vision for what she wants in that regard.


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