What’s going on in the world of fashion this week? Yankeemagazines takes a look ahead at the upcoming news and events for the sixth week of the year. Below are the main points from the editorial agenda in the period between 4-10 February, 2019. Vegan Style Week (1-4 February) This week will begin with […]

The RealReal is fighting back at Chanel. The online resale platform called the luxury fashion house’s efforts as “anti-consumer” and urges people to reject its claims. A few months ago, Chanel had filed a lawsuit accusing The RealReal of selling counterfeit handbags - an allegation not taken lightly […]

Americans spend 19.6 billion dollars on Valentine’s Day, according to insights on last year’s spending gathered by Edited. Unsurprisingly, men spend almost twice as much as women on the romantic holiday. With the average man spending around 196 dollars on gifts for V-day, gone are the days when a simple […]

Tinder may not be considered the most romantic way to meet a partner, but the truth is many people around the world have met their significant other through the app, which is currently used by over 50 million people -- of which 4 million are paid subscribers, according to Tinder's parent company, Match […]

Celebrity fashion line Draper James is turning towards the size-inclusive trend. Founded in 2015 by actress Reece Witherspoon, the Southern-inspired fashion and home goods brand is committed to a motto, "make pretty easy." The size expansion launches with the Draper James Spring 2019 collection. Sizes […]

Canada Goose is launching a new social entrepreneurship initiative. The new program is intended to provide support to Inuit craftsmen, whose culture introduced the parka garment originally. The Canadian luxury outerwear and winter performance apparel company has built its brand on innovation and craftsmanship […]

Trendstop brings Yankeemagazines readers a first look at the latest menswear silhouettes emerging for the Fall/Winter 2019-20 season. Trendstop's menswear experts bring you the essential silhouettes from a host of top designers, that will be informing the future of the men's apparel market. These key […]

Every week, Yankeemagazines selects the most interesting reads about the fashion industry published across UK and international news outlets. Here’s what you may have missed this week: Love them or hate them, the Kardashian/Jenner sisters are among the most powerful names in fashion today. Online retailers […]

Moriam Hassan Balogun, from retail video agency Orangevine, shared some tips with Yankeemagazines at the last edition of Amsterdam’s fashion trade show Modefabriek. In the interactive video below, Balogun gives valuable advice such as how to get started on a tight budget, how to convert clicks into sales […]

Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld are collaborating once again, this time for Lagerfeld's Fall 2019 collection. The veteran fashion designer and visionary editor have joined forces numerous times throughout their longstanding friendship. The newest collaboration, called The Edit By Carine Roitfeld, […]

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