Capsule, the mens- and womenswear tradeshow, is heading to Los Angeles. The show, which presides in Las Vegas, New York, and Paris has decided to venture out onto the West Coast this year.

The show will debut on October 17-18 in downtown Los Angeles at the California Market Center. “Capsule is heading to Los Angeles in response to a growing demand in our community, particularly East Coast brands, who wish to show at LA Market due to the high caliber of retailers who attend,” Dierdre Maloney, co-founder of the tradeshow, told Apparel News. The show will be held during Los Angeles Style Market and will take place at the CMC’s Penthouse. Other shows that the Penthouse hosts include Alt and Transit.

Capsule has been around as a tradeshow since 1997. Capsule is known for its contemporary brands including apparel, swimwear, accessories, and more. The show was acquired by Reed Exhibitions in 2013. Currently, Reed Exhibitions hosts over 500 events internationally. The company is also in charge of tradeshows such as Agenda and Axis.


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