Apparel Textile Sourcing Canada (ATSC)​ just announced that for this year, the show will double in size. For 2018, the event is planning to expand to include accessories, giftware, home electronics, footwear, and more.

The trade fair is expected to have 600 booths on the show floor including various manufacturers from over 20 countries internationally. The China Brand Show, which is part of the event, will also be introduced in Canada taking up one-third of the exhibition space. The show will display quality and environmentally-friendly goods that are made in China, making its mark on the Canadian market. Along with its many additions and the China Brand Show, ATSC is planning to attract over 5,000 retailers, manufacturers, buyers, designers, and more to visit over the course of the show.

“The growth of ATSC – which debuted in 2016 – is the result of increased interest among the Canadian public in manufacturing and importing apparel and textiles, as well as the general growth of international trade of higher-quality, ethically-manufactured products,” Jason Prescott, CEO of JP Communications , ATSC producer and North America’s leading publisher of B2B trade platforms and , said in a company email.

The show will take place at the International Centre in Toronto from August 20-22.

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