Hundreds of ​store manager roles at Topshop/Topman at risk

London - Retail roles at hundreds of Topshop and Topman stores across the UK may be cut, as parent company Arcadia Group begins consultations on a major business restructure.

Previous reports indicate that Arcadia Group may cut one of two brand manager roles in stores which house a Topshop and Topman under one roof. Rather than having two separate brand managers for each brand, the high street retailer may condense the role to a single brand manager to look after both brands.

Arcadia Group may also cut one brand manager role for Topshop and Topman stores that are in close proximity to each other. At the moment Arcadia operates 300 Topshop stores and 250 Topman stores across the UK - which could see hundreds of brand managers roles axed.

“As part of an ongoing business review and as a response to the ever-evolving fashion retail landscape, areas in our store management structures have been identified where resource can be used more effectively in servicing the needs of our customers,” said an Arcadia spokesperson in a statement. “As a result we are working to restructure our retail management across Topshop and Topman.”

However, part of Arcadia Group’s new business restructure sees a number of its brand managers taking on a ‘newly created roles.’ “We remain committed to all our team members and our first priority is to redeploy managers into newly created roles within the proposed structure,” continued the spokesperson. “We fully appreciate that this will be a difficult time for those affected and we will ensure our teams are supported through the process of change.”

News of the business restructure comes weeks after Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury's revealed plans to cut thousands of collective store jobs throughout the year.

Photo: By Mtaylor848 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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