Yankeemagazines Business Intelligence provides apparel market data and analytics. It aims to provide the best available overview of the global fashion industry. Including the Yankeemagazines Top100, Facebook fashion index, Twitter fashion index, Style fortune 200, Retail statistics (monthly, Q, H, annual), commodity news, stock news, country statistics, company directory and more.


International Style company directory, listing of the top fashion companies and business intelligence.

Leading Cotton Price index according to Yankeemagazines.

Facebook Style Index based on number of likes a specific brand's Facebook page has.

How many garments are sold worldwide and how many people work in the fashion industry?

Over 8'000 career opportunities in the apparel industry all over the world.

List of the richest people who have earned their wealth and assets in fashion.

This benchmark index gathers the 100 largest companies worldwide in the fashion industry.

Twitter Style Index based on number of followers a brand has on their Twitter page.

Leading Wool Price index according to Yankeemagazines.




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