Luxury retail leaders Sébastien Badault, International Director of the Luxury and Style line of Alibaba, Adam Pritzker Founder of Assembled Brands, and Frédéric de Narp, CEO of

Spain could be the next global luxury destination as it sees economic recovery in its high-end and luxury markets, growing at a rate faster than anywhere else in the world. In 2017, sales of luxury g

The luxury groups have a luxury problem: they are sitting on a mountain of cash. 17.4 billion euros to be exact, that can't sit gathering dust in a bank account. Assets of this size should be investe

London - Mobile commerce is set to become the new channel for luxury, VIP shopping, as millennials continue to shop from their smartphones. However, the UK is lagging behind the rest of the world whe

Robert Clergerie, the maker of the luxury French shoes worn by Rihanna, Bella Hadid and Madonna, was never one to sit around kicking his heels. When the brand that bears his name almost went bust

As Western retailers and luxury brands look to attract the next generation of shoppers, they need only look to China, who’s younger consumers and millenials are snapping up luxury products fast

How fashion brands can reach the next generation of spending power is a marketer’s topic du jour. With no such thing as a typical millennial or archetypal luxury consumer, decoding the next wav

London - Most luxury shoppers are willing to pay through the nose for a premium item, as they understand in order to obtain quality, you must pay a certain price. But Rohan Dhir, CEO of Archibald Lon

After a year of stagnation the luxury market has returned to growth and will likely set a new record of 1.2 trillion euros (1.4 trillion dollars) in 2017, said a study released Wednesday by consultin

Purveyors of luxury goods could soon see themselves taxed in France, the country most associated with the production and export of all things luxury. The proposal comes from the highest order, with F

Companies in the luxury, fast fashion, and lifestyle categories have seen the largest growth over the first half of 2017. LVMH, Inditex, and Nike have secures the first, second, and third position re

Chinese consumers are 8 times more likely to respond to an influencer post. This comes as luxury brands are embracing new social media channels like WeChat ecommerce, according to L2's Digital IQ Ind

After weeks of speculation about LVMH's top secret project, the veil of silence has finally been lifted and the French luxury conglomerate confirmed yesterday that it will launch its new multi-brand

Tight-fisted shoppers, unsteady economic growth and a shrinking population: Japan doesn't exactly fit the image of a spending powerhouse these days. But you would never know it in Ginza -- Tokyo's

London - The question if luxury brands should be sold in online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay or Alibaba has now become a legal issue, and has reached the highest court in Europe. The case could cha

London remains the global choice for luxury retailers as it tops the list of store openings in 2016, according to the Saville Global Luxury Retail report. London saw 41 new luxury openings during the

To say that things have been shaky in the UK since it voted to leave the EU would be a bit of an understatement. Following the Brexit, the country has been transformed into sanctuary for luxury barga

Seducing hyper-connected "Millennials" poses an increasing challenge for luxury brands, which find their markets slowing as young, skeptical consumers force them to rethink strategies. Goldman Sa

London - The 285 billion dollar luxury goods industry is to see a slowdown this year, according to market consultants Bain & Co. In its latest forecasts for the luxury market, sales are expected

Hermès may be more than its weight in gold, but other luxury houses in Europe can equally expect their stock to rise over the next year, according to Goldman Sachs. “We see 20 percent up

As someone who was planning a shopping trip to Paris this weekend, and canceled, you can imagine the impact on local retailers and brands, who will see their end of year sales affected after Friday's

What crisis? The demand for luxury goods around the world is as booming as it ever was, as wealthy Chinese consumers continue to cement their status as top spenders, according to a new study by Bain

LVMH posted its Q3 revenues this week, but despite a weak euro sales of fashion saw its weakest growth this year. Despite a 16 percent rise in Q3 revenues to 8.58 billion euros, sales of fashion slow

When luxury brands are closing their shops in Hong Kong ahead of their leases expiring, the fashion world takes notice. US accessories giant Coach shuttered its flagship store in Central Mall in Augu

The luxury industry is buoyant. In fact it is worth a staggering 225 billion euros, triple the size of what it was twenty years ago. In the year to 2014 it grew 7 percent, a sustainable growth, consi

Visit any luxury fashion store in London and you'd be hard pressed to not see Asian or Middle Eastern shoppers. It is precisely this demographic that keep the tills ringing at Burberry and Chanel, ra

Online retailer giant Amazon is said to have engaged in "ongoing" discussions to purchase luxury fashion e-tailer Net-a-Porter, which is believed to be as much as 2 billion euros, close to 1.5 billio

London Luton Airport (LLA) has introduced a major commercial tender programme ahead of plans to more than double the amount of retail space to over 8,700 square meters. The new retail, which will co

Whilst most luxury brands are associated with high quality merchandise, a unique retail experience and excellent customer service, a new joint study from the Luxury Institute and marketing firm Epsil

Sustained exposure to brand messages means people in developed countries are switching off to fashion. For luxury brands to continually keep enticing their customers, there is a fine line between ach