Berlin - Luxury brands follow particularly strict, exclusive rules - even when selling online. Traditional shoe retailer took the plunge and stepped into online marketing and sales

One country’s woes are a luxury shopper’s gain. As Turkey fights for its sliding lira, international luxury shoppers are taking advantage of its attractive prices for designer goods. Queu

At the core of a luxury brand lies both its authenticity and aspirational accessibility. If everyone in the world could afford the same handbag it could, nor should, be classified as luxury. Coco Cha

Half of global luxury shoppers are partial to a bargain. According to the YouGov Affluent Perspective’s Global Luxury Retail Report 2018, half of all global luxury shoppers state they “on

Florentine boutique and e-commerce platform Luisa via Roma, or, has quietly made a turnover of 130 million euros, according to Italian news outlet Ansa. Driven almost entirely by its

Walpole, the official sector body for UK luxury, has made a statement to the media ahead of the Brexit cabinet meeting today. Walpole hopes the vocal support from its members presents an opportunity

The ‘nature versus nurture’ debate rarely, if ever, crosses paths with fashion. Despite the unlikelihood, a new study linking testosterone levels to a preference for luxury goods and soc

London and New York are missing opportunities for luxury watch makers who are seeking expansion in 2018. According to Savills, the international real estate advisor, 44 percent of brands that operate

Year after year the luxury market in Latin America continues to see growth, often despite unstable economies in some of its countries, demonstrating how important the continent is to luxury. However,

French watchmaker and jeweler Cartier has been named the number one luxury brand in the world according to the annual Kadence Luxury Index 2018. In its report, Kadence, a leading insight agency found

Once upon a time the meaning of luxury was part aspiration, part exclusivity and part too expensive for most to afford. It was the Hermès bag, the Cartier watch and cashmere designer coat that

Gucci is looking for ways to efficiently and sustainably cope with increasing Chinese consumers’ demands. Following into the steps of other luxury fashion powerhouses like Burberry and Louis Vu

The global personal luxury goods market is expected to grow 6 to 8 percent in 2018, according to a report by market monitor Altagamma and management consulting firm Bain & Company. Leather access

The latest global brands ranking by WPP and Kantar Millward Brown show luxury companies have increased their value by 28 percent, with Louis Vuitton, Hermès and Gucci in the top three ranking

Luxury retail leaders Sébastien Badault, International Director of the Luxury and Style line of Alibaba, Adam Pritzker Founder of Assembled Brands, and Frédéric de Narp, CEO of

Spain could be the next global luxury destination as it sees economic recovery in its high-end and luxury markets, growing at a rate faster than anywhere else in the world. In 2017, sales of luxury g

The luxury groups have a luxury problem: they are sitting on a mountain of cash. 17.4 billion euros to be exact, that can't sit gathering dust in a bank account. Assets of this size should be investe

London - Mobile commerce is set to become the new channel for luxury, VIP shopping, as millennials continue to shop from their smartphones. However, the UK is lagging behind the rest of the world whe

Robert Clergerie, the maker of the luxury French shoes worn by Rihanna, Bella Hadid and Madonna, was never one to sit around kicking his heels. When the brand that bears his name almost went bust

As Western retailers and luxury brands look to attract the next generation of shoppers, they need only look to China, who’s younger consumers and millenials are snapping up luxury products fast

How fashion brands can reach the next generation of spending power is a marketer’s topic du jour. With no such thing as a typical millennial or archetypal luxury consumer, decoding the next wav

London - Most luxury shoppers are willing to pay through the nose for a premium item, as they understand in order to obtain quality, you must pay a certain price. But Rohan Dhir, CEO of Archibald Lon

After a year of stagnation the luxury market has returned to growth and will likely set a new record of 1.2 trillion euros (1.4 trillion dollars) in 2017, said a study released Wednesday by consultin

Purveyors of luxury goods could soon see themselves taxed in France, the country most associated with the production and export of all things luxury. The proposal comes from the highest order, with F

Companies in the luxury, fast fashion, and lifestyle categories have seen the largest growth over the first half of 2017. LVMH, Inditex, and Nike have secures the first, second, and third position re

Chinese consumers are 8 times more likely to respond to an influencer post. This comes as luxury brands are embracing new social media channels like WeChat ecommerce, according to L2's Digital IQ Ind

After weeks of speculation about LVMH's top secret project, the veil of silence has finally been lifted and the French luxury conglomerate confirmed yesterday that it will launch its new multi-brand

Tight-fisted shoppers, unsteady economic growth and a shrinking population: Japan doesn't exactly fit the image of a spending powerhouse these days. But you would never know it in Ginza -- Tokyo's

London - The question if luxury brands should be sold in online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay or Alibaba has now become a legal issue, and has reached the highest court in Europe. The case could cha

London remains the global choice for luxury retailers as it tops the list of store openings in 2016, according to the Saville Global Luxury Retail report. London saw 41 new luxury openings during the