While increased attention is (finally) being given to wages and working conditions faced by garment factory workers in countries such as India, Burma and Bangladesh, few people know there are million

UN’s International Labor Organization (ILO) and H&M Group have announced the expansion of their partnership to improve working conditions in the textile and garment industry. According to

Promises are great. If they are kept. Swedish fashion giant H&M promised on 23rd November 2013, five years ago after the collapse of the Rana Plaza building, in its “Roadmap towards a fair

The minimum wage for Bangladeshi garment workers will rise by 51 percent from December, the country’s Ministry for Labor and Employment is quoted by Reuters as saying. According to the news age

With the football World Cup set to kick off this week, sportswear giants Nike and Adidas gear up to go head for the title of the World’s biggest football-apparel brand. Sponsoring a total of 22

London - Tuesday, May 1 marks International Labour Day, a global celebration of all the labourers. It is also the day industry watchdog the Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC) kicks off its campaign against

London - Although it has been nearly five years since the most deadly accident in the history of garment manufacturing took place - Rana Plaza - the need for brands and trade unions to take on the re

London - The United Nations Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights has urged the government of Bangladesh to fight for decent wages for all workers, revise its labour laws and to speed up

London - It has been a little more than four years since Swedish fashion retailer H&M promised to pay all garment workers in its supply chain a 'fair living wage' by 2018 - but will the company

Independent fashion and lifestyle retailer Oliver Bonas has become the first UK high street employer to bring the ‘real’ living wage into force. From today, September 1, Oliver Bonas will

In its most recent report “Stitched Up – Poverty wages for garment workers in Eastern Europe and Turkey", the Clean Clothes Campaign busted yet another fashion myth, namely that “Ma

Prevailing wages of garment workers in many countries worldwide have not only declined in recent years, they currently also average only a third of a living wage. This is what the report “Globa