What do high fashion and shoe soles have in common? Well, they’re both areas in which 3D printing has made the biggest leaps and bounds in the fashion world. These days, it seems like the hy

Innovation within the fashion industry is often done in the pursuit of finding better solutions to tackle the problems at hand. However, more often than not, the present issues at hand call for solut

Once seen as a niche part of the fashion industry, being eco-conscious has rapidly become one of the hottest 'topics' of our time. From luxury fashion houses to fast-fashion retailers, and everything

London - Sportswear brand New Balance is launching the world’s first high-performance running shoe with a full-length 3D-printed midsole this week. The New Balance Zante Generate trainers will

San Francisco-based tech company Chronicled has partnered with 3D-printing company Origin to develop tamper-proof retail ‘smart tags’ to guarantee the authenticity of high-value consumer

Online retail giant Amazon is bringing 3D printed to the masses with its 3D printing store enabling customers to customise and personalise products including fashion accessories, jewellery, toys, and

With much talk buzzing around the fashion industry of the rise of 3D printing to create new fashion forward direction in clothing, it seems the purpose of this technique goes well beyond its aestheti