With its 250 million users, Pinterest is much smaller than other social networks: Facebook has a massive user base of 2.2 billion, while YouTube gathers 1.8 billion, Instagram counts 1 billion active

There’s no way around it: high street retailers need to be on social media these days. But it doesn’t suffice to have an online presence: they must successfully engage followers to turn t

It used to be that a catwalk presentation was the definitive source of the new fashion season to come. Images from presentations would be circulated to media and industry and large, which saw fashion

London - Realism marketing. It is a new advertising tool utilised by brands to connect with consumers who are just like 'them' by engaging in authentic communication. It began with the now infamous

Royal Mail has begun trialing a new scheme in partnership with a "well-known UK retailer" which will send consumers targeted mail based on their online shopping habits. The scheme reportedly includes

In spite of the saying ‘sex sells’, US fashion retailer Abercrombie & Fitch Co. has decided to turn over a new leaf in its battle against declining sales and is saying goodbye to the

The Gap has launched a new campaign called “Be Your Own T”. Using the t-shirt as the most democratic of fashion items, the collection offers a "T" for everyone, allowing customers to upcy

Inside Style's special report on "Successful Brand Marketing" offers expert tips on how to develop and launch a brand. There is no doubt the fashion industry is oversubscribed with brands and labe

Brands managing their own publicity campaigns are failing to keep up with the most influential press s, many of which are now freelancers, according PR Agency Media Jems. Big changes in the me

Consumers are not weary of receiving e-mail marketing messages if it comes from trusted brands. A recent study revealed 69 per cent of a brand's existing customers would provide their e-mail address

Recognising that 'back to school' retail marketing campaigns can be a downbeat experience for kids on summer holiday shopping trips, Asda has launched an innovative in-store marketing campaign to mak