Moriam Hassan Balogun, from retail video agency Orangevine, shared some tips with Yankeemagazines at the last edition of Amsterdam’s fashion trade show Modefabriek. In the interactive video below

Buckle up, for consumer behavior is changing fast and fashion companies must react if they want to stay relevant. That was the main message in David Shah’s fiery talk at Dutch fashion trade sho

Modefabriek is a bi-annual trade show highlighting Dutch and international fashion scene. If you missed the 2019 WInter edition, checkout these GIFs and images to get a feel of this lively event. The

Modefabriek is the biannual fashion trade show that gathers the Dutch fashion industry. We have spoken to two experts Kirsten Jassies and Bo Haberland on how to optimise your on branding and Instagra

Consumers care more and more about the environment, according to Jan Agelink, one of the founders of Dutch trendwatching firm Buro Jantrendman. He presented a lecture titled “Style goes outdo

The business of selling fashion online is becoming more complex as social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook introduce independent shopping functions of their own. Style brands and retaile

The population is aging -- and not just in Western countries. According to the UN’s most recent report on ageing, all countries in the world are expected to see the average age of their populat

Despite numerous efforts to introduce the skirt as a wardrobe staple for men in the Western hemisphere, it has seldom left the catwalks since the 20th century. The summer edition of Amsterdam

Trendstop brings Yankeemagazines readers an insider’s guide to the Spring Summer 2019 edition of Amsterdam’s leading trade show, Modefabriek. The Trendstop trade show team give StyleUnite

”There's no such thing as an online retailer or offline retailer anymore. Everyone should become both.” Pernille Kok-Jensen, Trend Director at Dutch qualitative research agency Mare, shar

Instagram can be a powerful tool when it comes to targeting consumers, particularly in the fashion industry where visuals are key. Content from fashion brands receive 58 times more engagement on Inst

If you run a fashion webshop and it doesn’t feature videos yet, now is the time to start. Videos provide visitors with a richer shopping experience, which makes them a very effective tool to i

This summer’s addition of the bi-annual Amsterdam-based trade show, Modefabriek hosted more than 600 hundred brands, many of which presented themes of floral patterns, neon colors, and summe

NORTH HALL at Modefabriek has grown to become a true community; a self-contained fashion world driven forwards by a vanguard of innovators and influencers, and everything that the new generation

The opening day of a tradeshow is always the best to visit, at least for atmosphere. Busy, buzzy and hopefully some business too, exhibiting brands at the Modefabriek in Amsterdam had high expectatio

Block off January 21 - 22 2018 on your calendar for the winter edition of Modefabriek: the not to be missed fashion trade get- together in Amsterdam. Inspirational and stimulating, informative and me

In an internet fuelled society, retailers are having to rethink ways of creating an authentic experience for their customers, whilst attempting to match online sales. With the rise of technologies, s

Amsterdam - The need for sustainable innovations and developments in the global fashion industry was placed firmly in the spotlight this weekend at Soul Salon, a new fashion trade fair in Amsterdam.

Sunday saw the opening of the Modefabriek in Amsterdam, a two-day tradeshow housing a mix of mostly denim and casualwear brands at the RAI exhibition centre. Unlike the scenes at Pitti, where a &lsqu

Amsterdam - Figuring out and satisfying the customers changing needs is becoming increasingly difficult for retailers, says trend watcher David Shah. "We are seeing radical differences between age gr

Dutch fashion trade fair Modefabriek closed its doors Monday evening following its highly successful 42nd edition. Yankeemagazines attended the tradefair and planned out the perfect route to explore a

Amsterdam - Modefabriek, the largest fashion trade fair in the Netherlands, enjoyed one of its busiest and most positive events to date this week. Running from January 22 to 23 at the convention cent

The summer edition of Amsterdam trade show Modefabriek, with a great atmosphere and crowded hallways, has come to an end. Discover the virtual tours on the interactive floorplan below to get a glimps

After ten successful seasons, MINT is taking the next step. The progressive platform for sustainable fashion and lifestyle at Modefabriek will be a trade show and department store in one for this edi

With crowded hallways and a buzzing atmosphere, the 40th edition of fashion trade fair Modefabriek, which took place in Amsterdam on January 24 and 25, appeared busier than ever. The Modefabriek orga

The upcoming winter edition of Modefabriek on 26 & 27 January 2014 in the Amsterdam RAI will look The upcoming winter edition of Modefabriek on 26 & 27 January 2014 in the Amsterdam RAI will

Just two weeks to go until the RAI in Amsterdam is once again given the Modefabriek makeover it gets twice a year. On 14 and 15 July it will be transformed for the Spring-Summer 2014 fashion season.

Now the New Year’s festivities have been and gone, Modefabriek is busy putting the finishing touches to the 34th edition that will take place on 20 and 21 January in the Amsterdam RAI. It promi

On the day when the summer finally arrived in the Netherlands, the summer edition of Modefabriek kicked off at Amsterdam’s RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre. There’s no telling to what

This summer's Modefabriek will see the second edition of Blueprint, the bold platform for innovators in denim, authentic and contemporary streetwear. The redesigned Blueprint will give participants f