Celine opened a new retail concept on New York's Madison Avenue on Monday. The store is the first designed by creative director Hedi Slimane for the brand and blends the designer's signature aestheti

French luxury house Celine is to open dedicated men's only boutiques to coincide with the spring summer 19 launch of its first-ever men's collection. The first men's boutique will open in Paris' 1st

Paris men's fashion week finished late Sunday with superstar designer Hedi Slimane's first menswear collection for Celine, which has up to now only dressed women. The "sultan of slim", who previ

Paris fashion week ended on Sunday, simultaneously closing the autumn winter 2019 men's catwalk season of the Big Four, being New York, London, Milan and Paris. It was a week of anticipation and debu

South Korean designer Yuni Ahn has been announced as Maison Kitsuné’s new Creative Director. She will be leading the design of menswear and womenswear across all Maison Kitsuné li

When Hedi Slimane was announced as Celine’s new Creative Director, the French label also let the world know it would no longer restrict itself to womenswear. While the fashion designer did feat

Proof that women are loyal to designers who create wardrobes based on their everyday needs, sales have spiked for Céline pieces under former creative director Phoebe Philo. The RealReal, a si

As we step over the critical carnage of Hedi Slimane’s debut collection for Celine, and the puzzling disappointment of Riccardo Tisci at Burberry, let’s regain perspective by reviewing so

New York - One of the pushbacks against Hedi Slimane’s Celine debut seems to be that he has effectively replaced Phoebe Philo’s grown-up, self-assured, sophisticated woman with her teenag

London - A woman with a leather wicker mask could barely see through the plastic covered eyes. Another had her mouth sewn shut a la Hannibal Lector in Silence of the Lambs, this time wearing a gold m

If Hedi Slimane had crushed a kitten under the heel of one of his studded boots he might have provoked less indignation than his debut show for Celine. The howl that went up after the hottest sho

London - The collective goodwill and hopeful anticipation the entire fashion industry held for Hedi Slimane’s new dawn at Celine was quashed from the very first look. Outraged editors, loyal P

Superstar designer Hedi Slimane declared that black is back Friday as he returned to the Paris catwalk after a two-year absence to revolutionise Celine. With his two biggest fans, Lady Gaga and K

Superstar designer Hedi Slimane has revealed how he has been stricken by severe tinnitus as he makes his highly-anticipated return to Paris fashion week Friday at the helm of Celine. The reclusive

Hedi Slimane has granted a rare interview to Le Figaro ahead of the unveiling of his first collection for Celine on Friday. The notoriously publicity-show Slimane has been busy behind the scenes, sho

Paris women's fashion week starts Monday with fashionistas waiting with bated breath to finally see Hedi Slimane's debut at Celine. The superstar designer, who pioneered the skinny look at Dior

Celine's runway show isn't for about another two weeks, but creative director Hedi Slimane has already put his notorious stamp on the brand. The designer has already changed the logo to drop the acce

French luxury fashion house Celine, owned by the LVMH conglomerate, has suspended its e-commerce, launched just nine months ago. Those who visit the label’s website are greeted with a video of

Style fans have been abuzz lately over Celine’s recent removal of its accent mark and the unveil of the new Burberry logo and monogram. Burberry’s previous logo had been in use for over

The French fashion house Céline has announced through its Instagram account, change in its name and logo, which is a more simplified version with emphasis on the first “e” removed.

The spring summer 2019 catwalk shows are only a few weeks away but the coming fashion weeks will be a month of debuts: there will be Riccardo Tisci at Burberry, Daniel Lee at Bottega Veneta and of co

From Chloé to Céline, British designer Phoebe Philo has left a lasting impact on modern fashion and style. Source: M2M – Made To Measure, YouTube.

Property investment firm New Commonwealth is putting 103 Mount Street, the home of Céline’s Mayfair flagship, up for sale, piece by piece, meaning investors could pick up a stake of &ldq

With the glare of #metoo still burning our eyes, and so much evidence indicating that abuse of power in Hollywood, in media and fashion photography fueled the images we consumed for decades, women ca

LVMH's digital platform 24 Sèvres will be "the first and only e-commerce multi-brand to sell Céline". The news comes as the French fashion house is being transformed behind the scenes u

News broke over the weekend that Hedi Slimane, former creative director at Saint Laurent Paris, would be joining LVMH-owned fashion house Céline, where the designer would be introducing a mens

Hedi Slimane, the designer who pioneered the skinny look at Dior and Saint Laurent, is to take over at Celine, the brand's owners LVMH said Sunday. The 49-year-old French-born creator is one of f

London- One of the last luxury fashion houses to shun an online store has finally ventured into e-commerce: Céline. The French fashion house, owned by luxury company LVMH, is taking on an omn

Paris Style Week has barely ended but the rumour mill surrounding one of its best-loved designers is gaining headlines across the world. The rumour this time concerns Céline and its star des

French fashion house Céline, owned by LVMH has appointed Séverine Merle as its new CEO, reports Style Lae blog. It added that Merle would assume her responsibilities as the Chief of C